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As your attorney, I will bring my experience and training, along with my hard work, to represent you in your times of trouble. My goal is to secure the best outcome for all my clients.

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DUI Case
A Relieved Client
"Rock Lee is awesome. Dedicated and very professional, he promptly returned all calls. He explained in depth what was being done to resolve our case. Rock was in contact with the court attorney and quickly took care of an outstanding warrant and set up a trial date. He kept us in the loop. When we went to trial, the results were very favorable and we are extremely pleased. I would not hesitate to use Rock Lee for any future legal issues. Thanks Rock."
DUI Case
A Grateful Client
“Rock Lee, unlike most attorneys I have ever dealt with, not only returned my phone calls, but returned them promptly. Even better, I actually only had to call him once because he was so proactive in keeping me informed of the status of the case. He was very respectful of my time and requested of the court that my presence not be required at every opportunity. He was able to get my case dismissed.”

Indianapolis DUI Defense

You know that a DUI conviction has serious penalties….it’s going to impact your ability to keep your drivers license, it’s going to increase your insurance, and it might even mean the loss of your job.

With all that you have to lose, does it make sense to approach this alone, or hire an attorney that’s not up-to-speed on first-rate DUI defense strategies?

Of course not.

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Former Prosecutors & Police Officers
Can Make A Difference On Your DUI Case

With what you’re facing, doesn’t it just make sense to put former prosecutors and cops to work for you. After all, we know what the prosecutor will be trying to do on your DUI case.

You see, Suhre & Associates is an award winning DUI Defense firm with offices in 6 states – Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania….and we help people just like you more than 700 times a year.

And when we go to work as your Indianapolis DUI Attorney, you’re not just getting the help of one attorney. You’re getting the experience a team of former prosecutors and police bring to a courtroom.

With this experience, your chances of receiving a positive outcome for your case increases exponentially.

We fully understand how the state will proceed against you – and how your case will make its way through our court system. And based on our vast experience, we can typically spot the weaknesses in the states case against you and see where their case will be strongest.

And as soon as we know….we will explain to you how we will exploit their weaknesses and counter their strengths.

My name is Rock Lee, and along with Joe Suhre and the rest of the Suhre & Associates team, we can bring some of the best DUI Attorneys in the Indianapolis area to your DUI case.

What that means to you is this….

Your chances of a reduction of charges, a dismissal of
charges or a not-guilty verdict are greatly enhanced.

And rest assured that one of our first efforts will be to get your driving privileges restored as soon as possible.

We Want You To Keep This In Mind

Many people think that after a DUI arrest there is no way to avoid being convicted. You’re thinking that because you failed the field sobriety tests or breath test, there’s no way you have a chance.

I urge you not to think that way….because we usually find a legal defense we can use.

Here’s a handful of defense’s we’ve used successfully for people just like you:

  • No probable cause for the police to stop you;
  • Incorrect field sobriety tests;
  • Problems with the breath test, either mechanically or with how the test was administered.

The bottom-line is this….we will do everything possible to secure the best possible outcome in Indianapolis DUI case.

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